The University of Nairobi hereby invites interested bidders for the sale of Motor Vehicles (Tender Number: UON/DISPOSAL/01/2021-2022). at the Taifa Hall, Main Campus University Way, Nairobi on  28th June, 2022 at 10.00am through PUBLIC AUCTION:-

A detailed list of the Motor Vehicles to be disposed and their respective auction dates can be downloaded for the University website OR from the Public Procurement Information Portal

  1. Appointed Auctioneer: M/s Phillips International Auctioneers
  2. Viewing Dates: Viewing of the items will be done on sites indicated during working days (weekdays) from 22nd of June, to 27th of June 2022 from 8.30am to 4.30pm.
NoReg.NoMake/ ModelY.O.MDutyTo be Viewed at
 KAN 726DToyota Hilux/ Double  Cab Pick Up1992Duty not PaidKenya Science Campus
 KAG 802FToyota 100AE/ Saloon1996Duty not PaidMain Campus
 KAA 221PToyota Hiace/12 Seater Van1990Duty not PaidMain Campus
 KAH 091FToyota Hiace/ Hearse1996Duty not PaidChiromo Mortuary
 KAC 442GToyota Hiace/14 Seater Van1993Duty not PaidKNH Campus
 KAH 330FDaihatsu Feroza/ Station Wagon1996Duty not PaidMain Campus
 KAL 385UNissan Primera/ Saloon2001Duty not PaidLower Kabete Campus
 KAR 005LToyota Hiace /14 Seater Van2003Duty not PaidMain Campus
 KZG 413Mitsubishi Pajero/ Station Wagon1988Duty not PaidMain Campus
 KAJ 946SNissan Datsun / Double Cab1990Duty not PaidUpper Kabete Campus
 KVR 939Peugeot 504/ Station Wagon1979Duty not PaidUpper Kabete Campus
 KAJ 752SNissan Primera/ Saloon1993Duty not PaidKenya Science Campus
 KAG 810FToyota Dyna/ High Sided1996Duty not PaidMain Campus
 KAG 811FToyota Dyna/ High Sided1996Duty not PaidMain Campus
 KAQ 164GSubaru Forester/ Station Wagon2002Duty not PaidMain Campus
 KAJ 065SSuzuki Jimmy/ Station Wagon1998Duty not PaidMain Campus
 KAQ 873UNissan Datsun B140/Pick Up2003Duty not PaidChiromo Campus
 KAG 806FToyota Landcruiser/ Station Wagon1996Duty not PaidMain Campus
 KAB 213BIsuzu Trooper/ Station Wagon1991Duty not PaidMain Campus
 KAJ 361DSubaru Legacy/ Station Wagon1990Duty not PaidChiromo Campus
 KZX 086Landrover 110/ Station Wagon1989Duty not PaidUpper Kabete Campus
 KAR 282LSuzuki Vitara/ Station Wagon1995Duty not PaidKNH Campus
 KAN 963UNissan Urvan/Ambulance2003Duty not PaidMain Campus
 KAE 586FSubaru Legacy/ Station Wagon1994Duty not PaidUpper Kabete Campus
 KZX 265Toyota Landcruiser/ Station Wagon1989Duty not PaidMain Campus
 KAA 125PToyota Hiace/Van1990Duty not PaidUpper Kabete Campus
 KAL 850UIsuzu Mv/62 Seater Bus2000Duty not PaidMain Campus
 KAL 302UIsuzu Mv118/62 Seater Bus1999Duty not PaidLower Kabete Campus
 KAX 376VSubaru Forester/ Station Wagon2000Duty PaidKNH Campus
 KAG 799FToyota 100/Saloon1996Duty not PaidMain Campus
 KYF 880Ford 5610 2wd/Tractor1988To be EstablishedUpper Kabete Campus
 KAP 106CMitsubishi Double Cabin2001Duty not PaidUpper Kabete Campus
 KAB 830EMitsubishi Pajero/ Station Wagon1990Duty not PaidUpper Kabete Campus
 KZS 382Mercedes Benz 307d/Van1988Duty not PaidUpper Kabete Campus
 KAH 736MMitsubishi Fh/30 Seater Bus1996Duty not PaidMain Campus
 KAP 061NSubaru Legacy/ Station Wagon1995Duty not PaidKNH Campus
 KAL 133ASubaru Leone/ Station Wagon1993Duty not PaidUpper Kabete Campus
 KWU 796Toyota Landcruiser / Station Wagon1985Duty not PaidMain Campus
 KAJ 753SNissan Urvan/9 Seater Van1994Duty not PaidMain Campus
 KAC 765GMitsubishi Pajero/ Station Wagon1992Duty not PaidUpper Kabete Campus
 KAL 398UNissan Urvan/ Ambulance2001Duty not PaidMain Campus
 KAE 966JToyota Landcruiser/ Station Wagon1994Duty not PaidMain Campus
 KAB 273BNissan Civilian/25 Seater Bus1990Duty not PaidMain Campus
 KAG 324KMercedes Benz/ Station Wagon1995Duty not PaidChiromo Campus
 KZG 209Isuzu Bus/62 Seater Bus1988Duty not PaidLower Kabete Campus
 KAL 934UIsuzu Mv118/62 Seater Bus2001Duty not PaidUpper Kabete Campus
 KAE 202FTata Mkz 1313/ Double Cab1994To be EstablishedLower Kabete Campus
 KXP 855Suzuki Sj410/ Station Wagon To be EstablishedUpper Kabete Campus
 40UN 302KNew Holland Tce 50/Tractor To be EstablishedUpper Kabete Campus
 KZB 378Toyota Landcruiser / Station Wagon1989To be EstablishedUpper Kabete Campus
 KAM 135TLandrover 110/ Station Wagon2002To be EstablishedKNH Campus
 KAH 656FDaihatsu Feroza/ Station Wagon1996To be EstablishedChiromo Campus
 KAL 423MNissan Urvan/14 Seater Van1990To be EstablishedKNH Campus
 KAQ 823BNissan Terrano/ Station Wagon2002To be EstablishedMain Campus
 KAL 276GMitsubishi Pajero/ Station Wagon Station Wagon1990To be EstablishedKNH Campus
 KAL 694SToyota Hilux/ Double Cab1996To be EstablishedMain Campus
 GKL 058Mini Bus/25 Seater Bus To be EstablishedKNH Campus
 KAM 382MToyota Hiace/14 Seater Van1993To be EstablishedMain Campus



  1. The University and the Auctioneer shall not take any responsibility for the condition or state of the motor vehicle purchased as each prospective bidder is expected to have viewed the motor vehicle prior to the auction date.
  2. The sale is on ‘as-is-where-is basis’.
  3. Sale at the highest bidder in a public auction.
  4. Sale shall be subject to reasonable reserve prices
  5. Interested purchasers must obtain a bidding number for each vehicle upon payment of a refundable deposit of Kshs 30,000.00 per vehicle.
  6.  The refundable deposit shall be paid strictly  in the form of a Bankers Cheque payable to UNIVERSITY OF NAIROBI
  7. The successful bidder must pay 25% of the auction price at the fall of the hammer and the balance within 7 days from the date of auction.

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